I love my writing group

I don’t say that often enough. Went to a meeting with them last night, and they caught a lot of things in my manuscript that I hadn’t even thought about. PLUS, they are highly interested in finding out what my characters do next; they always want more. That’s such a boost! To hear that someone is invested in my characters, that they really want to find out what happens next is just the best feeling in the world. It’s why I write, really. I mean, I like to write. I like to tell a story, but to tell it, I need someone to tell it to, even if that’s just my writing group and a handful of wonderful friends (for now ^_^).

Having my wonderful writing group also helps me keep my dream in mind. One day, someone who is not already a friend will pick up my book (having no obligation to do so) and will read it. And if that person likes it, if that person craves more, oh man, you’ll have to mop me up off the floor. I’ll be a happy little puddle.

If anyone reading this blog cares to comment, what are your writing dreams? What scenes in your mind keep you going? And if you’re not a writer and are reading this blog anyway, what dreams of the future keep you moving along?


One thought on “I love my writing group

  1. “You’ll have to mop me off the floor.” I love that!

    I also love your progression from writing to your critters enjoying your characters to someday someone else reading your books. I think it’s such a healthy way to view the process.

    Too often I think we writers want instant gratification. We don’t really understand the journey. That’s why many pull out after a short stint at writing.

    My scene that keeps me going has already somewhat been fulfilled. I want young readers to talk about my books at a time when they don’t have to. My best experience with this was one night at the dinner table when my youngest son randomly quoted a few lines of my picture book–word for word–like he had with “real” books he loves. Middle son quickly joined in. It was the most satisfying thing I had ever heard and the dream I have as a writer. To have my words impact kids in a way that my MC’s name or a fabulous quote is at the tip of their tongues–that’s what keeps me going.

    Thanks for the great post.

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