Have I made it to the library today?

No, I have not! It’s because my house is still pretty quiet. So, I will save the library for another time when the house is full. I don’t want to burn out on my safe, quiet haven too soon.

I’m nearly 150 pages into the new project, as my edits go. I’m kinda keeping pace with my writing group, which isn’t so fantastic, actually. I want to get ahead of them so I can better see the upcoming snags. My red herring is totally in place, and now I may even have a villain posing as a herring, posing as a hero. So, if I can accomplish that dance, I think it’ll turn out really well.

I love to lead a reader down the garden path, so they think they know everything, but then when they find out who the real villain is, they look back on the story and see that there were clues all the time. Like when you watch The Sixth Sense again and realized Bruce Willis doesn’t actually touch anything! Smashing. But I’ll need to get ahead to make sure I’m not left behind.

3 thoughts on “Have I made it to the library today?

  1. The library sounds joyously quiet and peaceful. I hope you find good use for it in the upcoming days.

    Until then, keep working on that edit. Nothing is more exhilerating than watching it all come together. Red herrings and all!

    I love your website pic. It looks so calm and inviting. Congrats on your short story sale. I’ll check it out.

  2. I shall put the Black Mountains of Wales on my list of places to visit before I succumb to the cane and can’t make it to breathtaking photo sites!

    It looks beautiful and like a great setting for a little mystery.

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