Cold won’t go away

RAWR! I’m ready to be well. I made it all the way through Seattle without a cold only to develop one when I come back. Maybe it just hitched a ride.

I just passed page 100 in the submission of my new project to the writing group. I keep adding, so I have no idea how long it will turn out, but page 100 has always been exciting for me. I reached one of those critical junctures where the story significantly changed, and I had to do some tap dancing to figure out how to continue. I anticipate the next juncture in fifty pages or so. It’s one of those big goofs I told you about earlier where I changed who the villain or the red herring was. Now I’m thinking one or both of them should have had a bigger part earlier, but I’ll have to ask the writing group what they think.

We’re having our Christmas party tonight! Woo! I’m still hoping we can get some critiques in, too, but I’m looking forward to the party part more, that and seeing everyone again. This will be the first time we’ve all been in attendance in about three weeks. Yikes.


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