Tired and feet hurt

Whine whine whine. I’m up in Seattle now, and we walked around all day seeing the sights. No work done yet. I’m hoping to get a little done tonight, but man I’m tired!

One writerly thing did happen. I had a kick-ass dream that I either have to write a story around or have to incorporate into one of my other stories. Right now, though, I’m either going to jot it down or just keep it in mind because I really don’t like trying to do two projects at once unless one of them is a nano.

On the rejection front, I got one just before I left home. (Merry Christmas!) Nah, it didn’t upset me that much. I kind of expected it. I think I just do that nowadays. That way, when someone accepts one of my stores (*cough*, Crossed Genres, *cough*), it’s a much pleasanter surprise.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m so glad this thing has a spellchecker. I’m so tired that I’ve mistyped almost all of this post. Oh yeah, soooo much work is going to get done now. ^_^ *snore*


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