Waiting for the holidays to be over

So that I might begin submitting again. I know that editors and such are usually swamped at this time of the year, and I’ve read that quite a few of them try to clean out their massive pile of submissions before year’s end, so I think that, barring an immediate need to submit (such as a contest or a themed magazine that I have a story for) I will hold off until January and just work on my new project. I have some short stories that are so old, I don’t know if I’ll brush the cobwebs off ’em or just shelve them. They may need too much help.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for the holidays to be over

  1. Nothing is wrong with your older short stories. You just have not found the right buyer. Also, yay new project (Katya or Paladins 3?)

  2. @Ross: awww, thanks. I’m working on Katya, but you knew that. ^_^

    @Pattie: P3 was my nano this year. It is still in the rough draft stage, but I hope to get to it after I finish my current project.

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