Sorry about that

I was feeling a little bad, and I had a lot to do over the weekend, so I didn’t post anything. Going down to Houston this afternoon. My husband gets his braces off tomorrow. Woo!

Anyway, I’m moving right along on my current project. I’m going to be out of town in early December, so you won’t hear from me for a week unless I can score some internet access in Seattle. I’m trying to get enough done on my project so that I won’t be way behind when I come back, either on my own schedule or my writing group‘s schedule.

I haven’t heard anything more from IGMS or the agents I’ve sent my work to. Maybe they’ve just slowed down for the holidays, although the agent who requested a full has had my MS for about eight months now, so I’m thinking about sending her a note. Of course, every single time I’ve done that, I’ve gotten a rejection immediately. It always makes me wonder if the agent or magazine editor in question had a pile she hadn’t gotten to yet, but when she got my query about my query, she dug mine out of the pile and stamped no on it, for whatever reason. I’m sure that even a polite “excuse me, it’s been eight months” can put an agent or editor out of sorts.

I don’t know for sure. I mean, plenty of them say they don’t mind, but is that really the case? When they’re overworked already, putting their speed into question is probably not a good idea. Whatever. She didn’t request an exclusive, so I’m free to keep sending it out.


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