And we’re off!

Sent the first part of my new project to the writing group. I won’t know what they think until next week.

I’m a little nervous. Why? I’ve never been nervous about sending stuff through the writing group before. Well, to tell the truth, I don’t really know. I mean, I have an inkling. The main character of this piece is a lesbian, and I’ve never written a lesbian main character before. Maybe that’s what I’m afraid of, making a silly mistake or drifting into stereotypes.

I have written a gay main before. Heh, gay main sounds like a particularly happy water pipe. My first novel that got edited until I was happy with it had a main character who was gay, but he shared the spotlight with two other main characters and a pretty big supporting cast, many with their own POV’s.

This new character is one of two women, and they have a romance with each other. They also have the only two POV’s in the whole novel. The thing I didn’t want to do, which I hope I have avoided, is to put giant red flags around their sexuality, or to make orientation the point of the story. I wanted to introduce it, and then have the romance unfold as naturally and beautifully as a love affair between two people of opposite sexes. I hope that when people read it, they’re left with the idea that love is love, and the gender of the lovers is unimportant. What matters is the story. Well, fingers crossed. ^_^


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