Nearly there!

I’m almost done with the first draft of my newest project. It’s going to end up at about 55K, maybe a bit more, but that’s good because it gives me plenty for room for fleshing out, which I know I need desperately.

At the end now, where the reader gets to find out who the real villain is, I find that I’ve forgotten my red herring. I mean, he was a distraction, but I still feel like he needs some closure, and at this point, he’s wandered off into the coffee shop for lost characters, so I’ll have to bring him back in.

Also, my lovers still have sort of a, “Wanna fall in love?”, “Yeah, sure,” kind of thing going on, so I know I need some expansion there. I don’t want a romantic misunderstanding a la Pride and Prejudice, but I do want a little more time between “We’re very attracted to each other,” and “I think it might be love.”

As usual, the thought of editing comes with a bit of dread, but hopefully, doing nano at the same time that I’m editing will take the edge off. Then I can revel in the freedom that comes with a first draft while satisfying the need to put everything in order with the rough draft. Who knows, maybe I can start submitting to my writing group in December. Woo!


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