Too many plotlines!

I fear I have too many plotlines. I keep thinking of cool things for my new story. I’m wondering if I can fit them all in one book without said book turning into a tangled mess. It’s a little bit scary, but I want to try and handle it, even though so many elements is a little hard to think about.

Best case scenario, they all fit in one novel without the mess. Second best case scenario, the novel becomes so long that I have to break it in two. I wouldn’t mind that, actually, but I really want to start submitting pages to my writing group, and I feel like I can’t until I get at least a first draft. Right now, I’m just adding in things as I go with notes to myself to add them in earlier. That means the beginning might completely change. I don’t want to submit something that I’m just going to trash.

See what I mean? Heh. To avoid a tangled plotline mess, I first have to keep my brain from being a tangled mess. I know firsthand that, “where am I going with this,” fear can be crippling. I need to take the advice I give so many times and just put my head down and go. I think I’ll do it right now.


One thought on “Too many plotlines!

  1. Your creating a whole new world with this book. The first new one for you in a while. Go ahead and go nuts with the ideas, and then pick your favs and skip the rest. But don’t drop any yet and don’t stop brainstorming, your best ideas might not have surfaced yet. It takes months or years to get a book done, you’ve only been working on the bones of this one for a couple months or so.

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