Waiting *sigh*

Waiting to hear from the agent who requested a full. (And hoping for a yes!)


Waiting for my check and contract from Crossed Genres. I think I might cash the check and frame the money. I have a great amount of sentimentality for someone so sarcastic. But this one is a good kind of wait because I know it’s coming. ^_^

The agent thing is sort of a good kind of wait. I mean, it’s stressful, but it’s not a no. Waiting is better than a no, unless it’s waiting forever.

How do you handle waiting? Do you tear your hair out? Do you ignore it completely? Are you so busy working on your newest project that you forget you’ve even sent anything out? Or are you like me where you work on the next thing, but waiting is always there in the back of your mind?


One thought on “Waiting *sigh*

  1. I handle waiting like you do. Just I can never be as productive on the next thing with something on the back of my mind. And seems like there has been something on the back of my mind nonstop for years now.

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