T.V. writing. I also do it.

I sometimes think that working with the t.v. or radio on will make me work better or at least not distract me.

But I’m wrong.

I’m betting you are, too. I used to have it on for the sound, pretending someone else was in the house, but I would start to watch it or listen to the lyrics, and I ended up watching or listening more than writing. I have a system, now. (What don’t I have a system for?) I watch something I’ve seen a thousand times and pause it continuously, writing machine-gun style while it’s still. I finish a small scene then watch a bit more before I get a new idea. Unfortunately, sometimes this makes my drafts read like either CSI or DS9.

And don’t get me started on what having minesweeper open in the background does to me. Yes, that also goes for any other small distraction game. I see you, Farmville and Travian people. You might as well call it a night as far as writing is concerned once you start down that road. ^_^


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