The regular kind of wow, not World of Warcraft wow.

Ever since Bart from Crossed Genres linked to me, my readership is way up. It’s kind of depressing that it went from very high on the day he linked to much lower, but I think I’ve kept a few of you. AND YOU’LL NEVER GET AWAY NOW, BWAHAHAHA!


Nope, it’s not like the movie Speed or anything. You will not blow up if you stop reading. I mean, it’s not impossible, but it’s not very probable.

As you can see, I’m still a little goofy, coasting on the happy zaniness that came with being paid for what I love to do. Don’t get me wrong, I would be writing anyway, paid or not, but it still feels good. And I feel really good about the fact that someone I don’t know might be reading my story and liking it. Of course, they also might read my story and hate it… Ah well, I won’t dwell on that one. Much.


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