Thread puller not working

My story that I’m pulling apart is not working. I’m left with two stories that have very shaky legs. So, I’m going to let them both stew in my brain for a bit while I work on something completely different. It’s actually very exciting. ^_^

In the meantime, I’m querying again and sending to contests and such. Ah me. Kena asked what kept me going for so long instead of giving up. I said it was having an enormous ego. I might have been lying, but I’m so cool that I can’t tell.


2 thoughts on “Thread puller not working

  1. reminds me of “old man & train” story…which turned out to have an extra old man and a couple extra plot lines. maybe i’ll revisit that one this year.

    Ben met his teacher tonight & visited his classroom. He’s excited…I feel a little queasy.

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