Garden hose blues

If I was a famous author, I wouldn’t have to blog about writing. I could blog about stuff I did today. I could blog about my garden hose. But since I mostly write, I think that, too, would be a boring blog. You’d get to see me at the exciting world of the grocery store and join in my race to grab the last bunch of bananas before one of our senior citizens got it first.


So, I’m starting my next project, probably today. I’m almost done editing my third book, but since it’s a final round of editing, I don’t need all of my concentration. That means it’s note card time! Note cards are how I begin to get a plot in order. I can write individual scenes that I know will be happening in a story, but without my note cards, they would be floating unconnected and self-contained in the universe. The note cards help me tie them all together so that the scenes flow well. This is very important in a multi-POV novel. (POV means point of view, for all you newbs. Do any newbs even read this? Who knows?)

Note cards also let me see at a glance what scenes will go well in the plot and what scenes need to be reworked or tossed altogether. If I’ve got a cool scene in mind, but it just doesn’t fit, I can always save it for a later work.

See? I’m just gonna keep working like I’m getting published until I am published. Hmmm. I’ll probably have to keep working that way AFTER I’m published, too, huh? Anyway, stay tuned for Grocery Wars II: The Elderly Strike Back and The Garden Hose Mysteries: Who CARES Who Done It?


One thought on “Garden hose blues

  1. Whoo hoo…a new novel! Am having lots of ideas…until the children start talking. Then all I think about is Thomas the Train, potty training, and how to keep them both alive until school starts (and then it’s mostly the teachers’ problem, right?)

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