“Just one more dune.” “You said that two dunes ago.”

Spaceballs, anyone?

Anyway, so I got another rejection letter, which wouldn’t be so bad in itself, but it was from the first person who ever requested a full manuscript. So they read the entire book and still said no. I had somehow deluded myself into thinking that once someone got his/her hands on the whole thing, they would have to buy. Well, that was probably ego. And, of course, the rejection letter gave me no clue as to why they said no, so now I have to take my own advice and not pick the letter apart looking for clues.

So, back on the horse again. Play ‘Tubthumper’ by Chumbawumba endlessly. That’s the “I get knocked down, but I get up again…” one, in case you were wondering. Occasionally, I’ll want to stamp my feet and break things or just clench my fists and curse out the dog, but I’ll get back on again. And you have to get back on as well. Just let all those platitudes, all those “bound to happen sooner or later” wishes sink into your skull and climb back up. I like to picture a stranger reading my book when he/she is under no obligation. The stranger reads it and likes it. Perhaps one day, he/she asks me to sign it. That would be brilliant. That scene is my horse in a nutshell, which is a very convoluted metaphor which you probably shouldn’t attempt without booze or chocolate.


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