And dough is usually such a good thing

I mean, I like bread, and I like cookies, so doughy things are usually high on my list. But editing is turning out to be a lot like shaping dough, at least for me and for a few other people that I know. We write, and then we have to knead our pages into a respectable novel. And if I continue that metaphor anymore, it’s going to snap in half.

Editing pretty well sucks, especially when you’re on your fourth, fifth or ninety-seventh go through. The more you edit, the more you think about another project you’d like to start on. My advice to you: don’t. Finish that thing you’re working on, hammer it into shape (to start a new metaphor) and then release it into the wild. Other ideas will try to cram their way into your head, but this is either boredom from what you’re working on, or it’s your brain trying to sabotage you so you don’t actually finish something. Because once you finish something, you have to let other people read it and/or submit it (it’s a rule) and you’re brain is scared of doing that. Make it read one of many many posts on rejection if it is scared.

So, what are you doing still reading this? Go and finish that project already!


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